Terms and Conditions of CNBS Expo GmbH

Place and Duration

1 | The CNBS Expo will be held at different places and with limited duration. Responsible for organizing the fairs is CNBS GmbH, Bavariaring 3, 87600 Kaufbeuren/Germany.

2 | The date of the event is been shown on the application form. The set up and dismantling time will be announced 3 before the event and listed in the guidelines for all exhibitors. The organizer has the right to extend, to shorten or to cancel the event if there is a an important reason given. In case of shorting the stand costs will be reduced. The exhibitors are not allowed to cancel the contract nor to claim for compensation.

Opening hours

3 | The opening hours will be found within the application form under exhibitions dates. The organizer reserves the right to take any additional changes if necessary.

4 | During the exhibition each exhibitor has the operating obligation. That means that each stand has to be open for the end consumer. An infringement of the obligating operation will lead to a fine without a prior caution. The fine is three times the stand rent per exhibition day.

Admission for the exhibition

5 | The organizer has the right to define the admission for the exhibition.


6 | The application has to be done on the printed paper: application form. In case of renting more than 1 stand it is obligated to fill out equivalent application forms. An alternative online application is possible on the webpage www.cnbsexpo.de

7 | With this applications the exhibitor acknowledges the “General terms and conditions”, fire regulations and the “guidelines for exhibitors” as the basis for the business relation with the organizers. 

8 | Such a registration is a irrevocable contractual quote to the organizer, to which the exhibitor is legally bound. A revocation is possible with a good gestures of the organizer. There is no legal basis for a revocation. The organizer has the right to accept any written cancellation or change i.e. size change of the stand, if there is a comprehensible reason. In this case the organizer has the right to charge additional 20% of the stand costs. After stand allocation please note the legal consequences pursuant to no. (18).

9 | With the signed application the exhibitor is obliged to offer products and set up the stand as soon as he/she/they receive(s) the stand allocation. 

10 | According to the principles the stand allocation is followed to no. (16.) No application will be accepted if size, location or certain characteristics  are depending on the application contract. The minimum size is 12 sqm.


11| 1. For each stand there is a standard price of € 149 per sqm. This includes:


  • Stand boundaries (optical markers)

  • flate rate for basic advertising expenses

  • tickets for exhibitors

  • daily cleaning of hallways

  • free entrance tickets for customer in ltd numbers

  • free Wifi

2. The mentioned prices are net and without VAT of 19%

3. Each additional sqm will be fully charged. Areas with hall pillars will not be subtracted. A space deviation of less than 10% of the whole stand space will not lead to any claims of compensations. 

4. The payment will be in Euro.


12| 1.The stand rent is due for payment deductions immediately after receipt of the invoice.Cheques or credit cards are not accepted. 

2. The stand rent has to be fully paid without any allowance.

13 | 1. In case of open invoices followed to no (13) or not fully paid invoices the organizer has the right to refuse the stand allocation.

2. In case of open invoices followed to no (13) or not fully paid invoices the organizer has the right to withdraw from the contract followed to no. (18) 

Stand allocation

14 | The stand contract with the organizer will be confirmed with a computer printout, a pdf file or an email delivered by email, post or fax.

15 | The organizer will allocate each stand taking all wishes of exhibitors into consideration as much as possible. During the planning stage it might come to an exceeding or falling below of stand space, depending on the capacity. It is possible that open stand sides may not put into praxis as originally wished. In case of bigger fair objects which do not fit into the whole size of a hall it is possible that the organizer has the right to divide the standsize into two or more separate stands in different halls.

16 | The organizer has the right to change the stand allocation even after the contract has been signed (stand allocation followed to no. 14) This will not entitle the exhibitor to cancel the contract nor  claiming for compensation owing to non-performance unless the organizer claims third parties.

17 | The stand rent has to be fully paid after the exhibitors has received the application confirmation, even if the exhibitors denies the performance of the contract.  

18 | The exhibitor does not have any rights to exchange, to resell a part or the whole stand to third parties or other exhibitors.

Concept of exhibition ground

19 | The organizer will take care of the exhibition ground concept.

20 | Each stand can be designed, decorated and prepared for selling as long as the exhibitors will follow the “guidelines for exhibitors” and the fire regulations.

21 | In general all stand constructions need the approval of the organizer. Stand constructions which are not approved have to be deconstructed or changed immediately. In case that the exhibitor will not follow the instructions of the organizer, the organizer has the right to deconstruct and remove the construction whereas all dismantling cost will be fully charged to the exhibitor. Any claim of compensation for occured damages are excluded.

22 | In case of unpredictable traffic flow within the hall and outside area or interest of the overall fair appearance the organizer has the right to change already approved or released stand constructions. If necessary immediately himself in case the exhibitors seems to refuse the assignment. The exhibitor will be charged for all costs.

Entrance and ID Cards for exhibitors

23 | All exhibitors and their staff will receive free entrance tickets and ID cards. In case of open invoices for stand rent or no fair participation all tickets and ID cards will be locked.

Set up and dismantling of stands

24 | The set up time will be defined within the “guidelines for exhibitors”.

25 | All stands have to be fully constructed and installed before the event starts. Each exhibitor is obliged to follow the set up time table and  defined schedule in order to guarantee a smooth workflow. All exhibitors will receive the “guidelines for exhibitors” before the event via email..

26 | Exhibitors which will not set up their stand on time will loose their entitlement for their stand. The organizer will then has the right to use the space for alternative matters. The exhibitor will be liable for any loss or damages to the organizer. All costs for hiding the open space like walls or similar items will be charged to the exhibitor. 

27 | Using motor vehicles or entering the hall is only allowed during the set up time.

28 | Products and stand installation which has to be removed or deconstructed after the schedule mentioned the “guidelines for exhibitors” will be handover to a forwarding agent/carrier and stored. All costs for removal, deconstruction, hand over and storage will be charged to the exhibitors. Any claims of compensation for occured damages or loss will be refused.

29 | The exhibitor is obliged to hand over the space in its original condition. If he/she is not able to do so on time the organizer will take care of it and charge the cost for bringing the space in its original conditions to the exhibitor.

Unfair competition

30 | The exhibitor is obliged to avoid any actions and measures to other exhibitors which infringes the principles of good faith and legitimate expectations and the provision of the German law of unfair competition (UWG).

Safety and environmental regulations

31 | The exhibitor is solely responsible for abiding by the rules of the organizer and its contract and regulations of fire protection, public order and trade.

32 | The organizer has the right to check the compliance of the official regulations and his safety instructions at any time. The organizer has the right to order the immediate rectification of a situation which is not conform to regulations at the expense of the exhibitor and to prohibit at all time any operation. The exhibitor has no right for claim of compensation. 

Liability of exhibitor 

33 | Going beyond the statutory obligation the exhibitor shall be liable toward the organizer for all occurred damages caused by non-compliance of legal regulations and instructions of the organizer. The exhibitor is liable towards the organizer for any damages occurred during the stand set up or caused by his/her products.

34 | The liability of the exhibitor towards the organizer includes damages followed to no (36), caused by employees, representatives, invited guests/visitors of the exhibitors.

Liability of organizer

35 | 1. The organizer will be liable to pay damages to the exhibitor only in the case of wrongful intent and gross negligence. The organizer will not be liable for damages caused by theft or defects of the facility owner or similar causes. As liability is excluded this also includes the personal liability of vicarious agents or legal representatives or employees of the organizer, except for the case of intent and gross negligence. The strict liability of the organizer should be excluded.

2. A security service will ensure a sufficient security. A night guard can be booked to secure the event during the night  



36  | The organizer will take out insurance

Domiciliary right

37| During the entire event and event area, setup and dismantling time included, the exhibitor is subject on the premises to the domiciliary right of the organizer. The organizer and all member who will have an approved identification card mentioned as member of the organization team has the right to enter a stand at any time. 

38 | The organizer has the right to refuse any events or happenings which are not matching with the design of content of the main event. In compliance with the domiciliary right the organizer has the right to exclude people and exhibitors from the event, withdraw their entrance ticket without compensation and have their vehicles towed away at the owner's cost and risk.

Guidelines for exhibitors

39 | Each exhibitor will receive before the event an email with the “guidelines for exhibitors” as a PDF file. Within these guidelines the exhibitor will find informations of event set up.

Claims of GTC/ Conditions of participations

40| The relationship between the organizer and the exhibitors are regulated in the following  agreement. The German version is authoritative. Only the German language version of this agreement is relevant for the interpretation and construction hereof. Additional changes of the agreement require the written confirmation.

41 | Any claims of the exhibitor arising from the contract with the organizer have to be placed within 4 weeks after the end of the event by recorded delivery. 

42| Kaufbeuren is the place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from the contract .

46| The effectiveness of the contract and thereby resulting rights and duties are judged according to the German law.

43| The exhibitor is obligated and liable that his/her employees and subcontractors have reviewed the conditions of participations, the “guidelines for exhibitors” and the fire safety regulations. In case of operational issues the organizer has the right to refuse any negotiation with service provider.

44 | In case of violations of the conditions of participations and/or the “guidelines of exhibitors” the organizer has the right to charge a contract penalty up to the double amount of the stand fee. The exhibitors bear the responsibility for proving whether the organizer has sustained a lower damage or moderate loss. Furthermore the organizer has the right to pronounce and carry out the immediate exclusion from the event. The paid stand fee will not be compensate. Any claims for damages are excluded.