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ONLINE Registration (recommended)

Fill out and participate. Basic price per SQM € 149,-

  • stand boundaries (optical markers)

  • flate rate for basic advertising expenses

  • tickets for exhibitors

  • daily cleaning of hallways

  • free WiFi

Any questions or remarks, please get in touch with

Johnhie Ahn-Bosch
Managing Partner



contact data:

+49 (0) 8341-9956851

ONLINE Hall plan CNBs expo

You can book the CNBS stand area modular constructions. Each modular has a size of 3 x 3 m (except A-26-A41 3 x 2 m). The minimum stand booking is one modular. You can add and combine as much modulars as you want or rather as you need for your stand. Just mention in the registration form the modular(s) you would like to book, i.e. 

(z.B. Modul C1 + C9 + C2 + C10)


DOWNLOAD Registration (alternative)

Instead of filling out the online registration we offer you the registration form as a download. Just download, fill out, scan and send it as a mail to johnhie@cnbsexpo.de