CNBSExpo, The hemp fair


All about hemp


The product assortment starts with an A like accessory for liquids, goes over bio composites, cosmetics, all the way to Z for Zabione with CBD nutrition. The CNBS expo is not interest in emphasizing any clichés than rather offering a diverse overview of the use and benefit of hemp in order to stop stereotyping the plant.

About us

We - André, Ernest and Johnhie - are CNBS. The three  of us have different life and business experiences, but this doesn´t stop us to gather our passion and creativity for this project - to give Cannabis a new face. In order to accelerate the education the wide public we decided to split, Ernest is now focusing on a CNBS Magazin and  Andre and Johnhie on the expo. 


With courage, feeling and transparency

Courage to do something which hasn´t been done before. Following consistently our feelings when you head says something different and be transparent inside and out.


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